8 Week Warrior Challenge

Training For Warriors is different to traditional fitness programs. While most programs seem to be created for losing some quick weight, the TFW 8 Week Challenge was created as a fitness and lifestyle guide to help people find their way.

What's included?

Our 8 week Warrior challenge is a program designed for clients who are just starting out at TFW. With this program you will receive a 45-minute consultation to establish your goals along with a free physical assessment that tests your mobility, strength and current overall physical condition. Additionally, we provide in-body scanning to analyze your individual body composition at the start of the program and at the end to measure your results (80 dollar value alone). The program itself consists of 3 training sessions a week (60 minutes each) in which you will increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and increase your mobility. Upon signing up for this program, you will receive a welcome package with free apparel, a water bottle, an informational booklet, and a TFW cookbook.

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8 Week Warrior
30TH JANUARY 2017!


Structure of program


Type of exercise/lessons: Strength, upper body

Day 1 : TFW Warm up and physical testing

Day 2 : Total Body Strength

Day 3 : Energy Circuit


Type of exercise/lessons: Cardio, core

Day 4 : Hurricane

Day 5 : Total Body Strength

Day 6 : Energy Circuit


Type of exercise/lessons

Day 7 : Hurricane

Day 8 : Total Body Strength

Day 9 : Sprint & Tabata Day


Type of exercise/lessons

Day 10 : Hurricane

Day 11 : Total Body Strength

Day 12 : Energy Circuit


Type of exercise/lessons

Day 13 : Hurricane

Day 14 : Total Body Strength

Day 15 : Sprint & Kettlebell Circuit


Type of exercise/lessons

Day 16 : Hurricane

Day 17 : Total Body Strength

Day 18 : Energy Circuit


Type of exercise/lessons

Day 19 : Hurricane

Day 20 : Total Body Strength

Day 21 : Sprints & Timed Event


Type of exercise/lessons

Day 22 : Hurricane

Day 23 : Total Body Strength

Day 24 : Weighing, retest & presentation


Nicole D

“Coming to TFW Brisbane Bayside is completely different to just going to a gym. Here is an experience and it’s not just about exercising … For me, it’s training and not just training my body, training my mind and becoming more emotionally stronger as well as physically stronger or mentally stronger. It helps me not only become more physically fit, it’s been helping me in my everyday life at work, just all around. It’s more than just exercise, it’s a community. People are just so supportive and Brett is just amazing, an amazing coach.”

– Nicole D

“I’ve enjoyed the results, obviously. I’ve enjoyed the fact that within eight week period, I have felt incredibly healthier and much stronger. I’ve enjoyed the fact that I was able to do it in an environment that was incredibly supportive and encouraging. I think Brett has fabulous integrity and authenticity.”

– Nicole Walker


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